The Wednesday Biz: Social Media Tips from an Etsy Expert

Social Media Tips From an Etsy Expert


Photo by CarbonStamps

When approaching social media from a business standpoint, it is important to make the human element a central focus. If your audience feels personally and emotionally connected to you, their loyalty will extend beyond a single purchase or click. Regardless of the platform you prefer, consider these tips to develop a social media presence that is not only effective, but true to you and your business.

Tuesday Tech: Google Translate Class - Translate/Traducir/翻译/ترجمة/Przetłumacz

Google Translate Class: Translate/Traducir/翻译/ترجمة/Przetłumacz

Sunset Park Library is hosting a class through a partnership between  Immigrant Services in the Library’s Department of Outreach Services and Google about how to use Google Translate on Friday, September 19 at 10:30 am.

Learn how to use Google Translate to bridge the language gap and access information in your language. During this session, Google volunteers will show students how to set up and utilize a free online translation tool.

Aprenda cómo usar Google Translate para defenderse y traducir cualquier información en español.

Friday Favorites: Lego Academics

When Lego launched its first line of female scientists earlier this month, archaeologist Donna Yates was one of the first to buy a set. She created scenes of the mini scientists experiencing the trials and tribulations of everyday academic life, then photographed them and posted them on Twitter – to the delight of 29,000 followers and counting. Jessica Hamzelou asks her why everyone loves the tiny scientists.

Check out the full article Life in Lego: how mini-figure academics went viral.